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Research & Publications

We support policymaking through economic research

We conduct economic research on a wide range of topics. This helps to improve policymaking, and so contributes to the well-being of all Europeans.

Economic Bulletin

The Economic Bulletin presents information which forms the basis for the ECB’s monetary policy decisions. We release it eight times a year, two weeks after each monetary policy meeting. It features insights into the economy and its outlook.

Read our latest Economic Bulletin

Research Bulletin

The Research Bulletin features a selection of recent work by ECB economists. It is published monthly and covers a wide variety of economic and financial topics.

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Financial Stability Review

The Financial Stability Review analyses potential risks to financial stability in the euro area. Financial stability is essential for us as it is one component needed to ensure steady inflation.

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The international role of the euro

The international role of the euro was resilient in 2022. This was a year that saw the onset of Russia’s war in Ukraine and a substantial increase in geopolitical risks, with potential repercussions for the international monetary system.

Read our 2023 report

Macroprudential Bulletin

Sound banking regulation is key for the euro area banking system’s resilience. Important areas covered in this edition range from G-SIB window dressing, crisis management, liquidity and macroprudential space, to the crucial milestone of implementing the final Basel III standards.

Read our Macroprudential Bulletin

Research papers

Like other major central banks, the ECB conducts research. The findings are published in a number of research papers.

Research papers overview


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Our researchers

Our researchers conduct high-level analyses covering a variety of topics that are relevant to the ECB. Their work provides the foundations for the ECB’s decisions in all policy areas. Find out more about who they are and what they work on.

Our researchers
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Opportunities for researchers

Join the ECB

If you are interested in conducting research at the ECB, we offer exciting and challenging employment opportunities for research economists, traineeships for students, and fellowships both for young researchers and for scholars.

Explore our fellowships and other offers

Network with us

The ECB leads and coordinates research through a number of networks in order to obtain insights that support our decision-making.

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Why does the ECB conduct research?

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